I picked up my 1st SLR camera at 13 years old, and have since loved documenting the world around me.  Anything might capture my eye. Places and things can be exciting or interesting, but photography has difficulty capturing their essence. A small and powerful reflection of the human spirit can be captured when photographing people.  It’s amazing when that happens.


 Photography is more than capturing a moment at 1/125, 1/2500, or whatever of a second. If you’re not ready for it, not matter how fast your shutter speed, you’ll miss the moment.  Photography is being sensitive to the opportunity for moments to come, and to plan for them.  Not only  being ready technically: the right camera settings, the right angle, proper light - but ready emotionally with patience and discernment for when to press the shutter button.


 Cameras can matter, but light has greater impact than the number of pixels on a screen.  Frequently there is an intimacy in videography with a stranger that you don’t have in real life. Rarely are you ever standing so close to someone as the close-up of a frame through a lens. Good actors know this and modulate their performances based on what the framing is. One of my strengths is to guide actors and non-actors to look and feel natural when on camera.